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Webbed WIng

Webbed Wing - Right After I Smoke This... EP

Webbed Wing - Right After I Smoke This... EP

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Put Webbed Wing's Taylor Madison up against some of rock's most celebrated songwriters––he's ready. On their new EP, Right After I Smoke This..., the Philly-based guitarist and singer puts on the kind of unforgettable performance that can take everyday people and turn them into musical heroes for the masses.

For those in the know, Webbed Wing––incomplete without Jake Clarke (drums) and Mike Paulshock (bass)––have long-since reached cult status; the project follows Madison and Clarke's already-decorated career in their band, Superheaven. Here, each member freely flexes their innate genre-bending musicality, taking notes from the likes of The Lemonheads, Teenage Fanclub, and Weezer.

In just three songs, Right After I Smoke This... channels everything lyrically-gripping about rock music and everything vibrant about pop. There's as much earnest twang in their toolkit as there is snotty skate-park punk and intense metal; it's a celebration of the genre as they've come to love it, resulting in something highly palatable and new.

  1. Medication
  2. Sure Could Use A Friend
  3. I'm Feelin Alive
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