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Off the Board - A Studio 4 Family Compilation

Off the Board - A Studio 4 Family Compilation

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Multi-genre producer and engineer WILL YIP will be releasing Off The Board: A Studio 4 Family Compilation on October 8th, 2013 featuring un-released and EXCLUSIVE songs from a slew of bands all recorded and mixed at Studio 4 including:

Title Fight, Circa Survive, Balance and Composure, Man Overboard, Citizen, Turnover, Daylight, Koji, Tigers Jaw, Polar Bear Club, Dead End Path, Sainthood Reps, Mongoloids, None More Black, Light Years, Pity Sex, and Anthony Green.

“This comp represents everything that I’ve done in the past ten years of my life,” explains Yip. Proceeds are being used for a down payment toward his partnership in the legendary Studio 4 located in Conshohocken, PA. “I want to give the punk, hardcore, and alternative community of awesome bands a home,” he adds.

By entering into a partnership with studio owner and Grammy Award-winning producer Phil Nicolo (Bob Dylan, Bon Jovi, The Fugees, Sting) it enables Yip to work with the bands that he loves, no matter the budget. “The only thing that ever mattered was how much I love the music,” describes Yip. “I always want to produce bands that I like, but most of the time those budgets aren’t close to prior Studio 4 budgets. This studio always produced big records in a big studio environment, an experience that most bands in our indie scene historically never had. By owning the studio, I’ll be able to accept nearly any budget instead of worrying about having to pay a large rental overhead. I have the once in a lifetime opportunity to not only continue the Studio 4 legacy, but to also make this classic studio a home to our community of the best bands in the world.”

1. Title Fight - Another One
2. Superheaven - Siblings
3. Circa Survive - Nobody Can Change
4. Polar Bear Club - New Hollywood
5. Citizen - Cicuta
6. Light Years - I Couldn't Change
7. Sainthood Reps - Gloom
8. Koji - Breaking And Broken
9. None More Black - That Thing That Separates Em
10. Tigers Jaw - Carry You Over
11. Turnover - Flicker And Fade
12. Pity Sex - Euclid
13. Man Overboard - I Hate Her
14. Anthony Green - The More You Get, The Less You Are
15. Balance and Composure - Why Do You Leave Us
16. Dead End Path - Nowhere Together (Digital Bonus Track)
17. The Mongoloids - The Horizon (Digital Bonus Track)
18. Mat Kerekes - Wisteria (Digital Bonus Track)

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