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Anthony Green

Anthony Green - Live at Studio 4 2xLP

Anthony Green - Live at Studio 4 2xLP

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Take a journey through Anthony Green's entire catalog with this limited vinyl release of his Studio 4 livestream, filmed and recorded in autumn of 2020. This release includes gatefold packaging and 19 songs spread out over two discs, produced, engineered and mixed by Will Yip.

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Side A
1. Dear Child (I’ve Been Dying to Reach You)
2. If I Don't Sing
3. She Loves Me So
4. Real Magic
5. I Don't Want To Die Tonight

Side B
1. You'll Be Fine
2. Vera Lynn
3. Diamond Eyes
4. Keep Your Mouth Shut
5. Why Must We Wait

Side C
1. Spanish Moss
2. Follow What You Will
3. Changing Shape
4. Babygirl

Side D
1. You're So Dead Meat
2. I'll Miss You
3. I'm Sorry For Everything I've Ever Done
4. Devils Song (This Feels Like a Nightmare)

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